Librarian / Study Supervisor : Mrs Trish Hare Dip. Ed., BA (Hons) History

Opening hours : Monday – Friday 8.45 – 4.30

The library is a whole school resource used by students and staff.

The library is used throughout the day by 6th form students for study and is available through a booking system to all College departments for research and project work.

Library resources include:

  • Large collection of fiction books
  • Non- fiction resources linked to the curriculum
  • Staff development section
  • Careers section
  • 16 laptops

Students are encouraged to suggest fiction and non-fiction books they would like to see on the shelves.

All year 8 and 9 students have a timetabled weekly library class, in which they are introduced to library skills and are also encouraged to read for pleasure.

Student librarians

We have 12 student librarians who are responsible for the library during lunch-time openings. This project, which is now in its 4th year, is designed to give children a boost in their reading. Trained 6th form students work with year 8 pupils on a 1-1 basis for 10 weeks. Each pupil receives 3×15 minute sessions per week. This has proved to be very successful and provides great benefits for all concerned.Reading Partnership Programme.



Poet’s Visit

Val Bloom, author and poet, visited the College to hold workshops with year 8 pupils. This event was organised by the English department with the help of the BASE library services and was very successful. The pupils really enjoyed the experience.


Junior pupils took part in a sponsored read to raise money for the Northern Ireland cancer fund for children.